• Current Sermon Series: The Gospel of Luke

Welcome to Our Church

Beginning Sunday, September 6, 2020, we will meet in the OU Wesley Building, located at the corner of Lindsey and Elm, 428 W. Lindsey. The parking lot is directly south of the building and you can enter through the south door. Once inside you’ll see a lounge with tables, couches, and a ping pong table. The chapel is on the northwest corner of the building.
Service will begin at 10:30 AM.

We are a church that tells that story which is made known in Genesis through Revelation. To those who receive this story, it is gospel, or good news and that story changes everyone who receives it.


Tri Pres Daily

On Providence and Covid-19 – Tri Pres Daily 9/23/2020

These past weeks, I, Pastor Justin, have experienced our family getting Covid-19, being quarantined, preaching a sermon on video for our church meeting without me, along with regular life stuff. I am very thankful for the ministry of the word of God with which I have been blessed throughout my life which has built me…

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