Commentary on the sermon ”Objections to Election Part 2: His-Story” (Romans 9:19-29)

In this video, I am commenting on the sermon preached on Sunday, May 15, 2022. The recording of the worship service was not good. I hope this blesses you. If you have questions. let me know.

Main Point: In chp 9, Paul is offering responses to objections to the doctrine of election. First, does this mean that God is not fair (9:14)? Second, why would God judge sinners if they are fulfilling what God purposed? If what Paul has said is true, and it is, then we must reconsider and readjust how we understand history: History cannot be understood apart from an understanding that it is His-Story.

  1. His-Story: Why does God judge? Who are you? God is God (v20-21)
  2. His-Story: What if? All so the ones prepared by God for glory can better know God’s grace (v22-23)
  3. His-Story: The fulfillment of salvation by God’s grace described in Hosea & Isaiah’s prophecy support this conclusion.(v24-29)


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