The Lord’s Supper — Luke 22:1-23

The Lord’s Supper is a gracious provision of Christ who loves his church. We looked at how the Lord’s supper teaches that our salvation comes in context of the covenant of grace. We saw that the Lord’s Supper is a sign of Christ’s work at the cross. We also saw that the Lord’s Supper is a seal of our sweet communion with the Lord.

This is the recording of our service for May 17, 2020. This was week 2 back in action live and we celebrated the Lord’s Supper after a drought since March 8! Note: I turned off the recording for the Lord’s Supper as I believe the Lord’s Supper is not something you can do virtually. After the Supper, I forget to turn the camera back on so you missed the end of the service. What you missed: We prayed for and sent one of our newest members, Daniel, who will be moving to Huntsville for his new job. We also God’s faithfulness as we celebrated the announcement Daniel and Brooke’s Wedding! We love the saints of Trinity Presbyterian Church and are rejoice in being to sing and worship our God together. You missed our closing songs: Behold the Lamb and Lift High the Cross and the Benediction.