The Day the Idols Died (Romans 11:1-6)

Main Point: In Ch. 11, Paul follows up his discussion of why the majority of his people, Israel, have rejected the gospel he preached. He now begins to answer the question, “Has God rejected Israel?” He gives two evidences that God has not rejected his people, and one present application consistent with the thesis of the letter (Romans 1:16-17). Though people oppose Jesus & his gospel and worship other gods, Jesus will not reject some of them; He will save them according to his grace.
I. Evidence #1: Jesus saved Paul who sought to kill 1st Century Christians.
II. Evidence #2: Jesus saved a Remnant by Grace of those who worshipped
idols & sought to kill Elijah
III. Application: Because salvation is on the basis of God’s grace, a remnant of
those who worship other gods and currently oppose Jesus and His gospel
will be saved.


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