Posts from July 2022

We Are Now and Forevermore Robustly Covenantal To God’s Glory!

In the clip linked above, one of our members, Stephanie describes why she values our church’s “covenantal” distinctive. What is covenantal? It has three critical components for how the church should function. Covenantal describes how we understand God’s revelation to his people. Covenantal also accurately describes how God relates to his people. Covenantal also describes…

Now Those Are Great Questions!

“Now, those are great questions!” In his days walking the earth in Israel, Jesus heard many dumb questions by his apostles like Peter and his opponents like the Sadduccees and Pharisees, but I imagine that when Jesus saw Zachery Ursinus’ pen form the letters on the paper in 1563 as he wrote the Heidelberg Catechism, the glorified Jesus must have exclaimed, “Now those are great questions!”