Chapter 2 Coming Soon!

We are meeting at the FBC-Family Life Center, 2nd floor while we seek our next more permandent home. It is located at the corner of Webster and Comanche in downtown Norman.

See a video update about our building situation here.

Big news coming soon about our new home, so stay tuned!

In the next two weeks, as we transition we’ll be in the Family Life Center downtown at Comanche and Webster. 10:30 am. You’ll see our sign outside the building. Plenty of parking right in front of the building is available. We’ll be posting the service on youtube. I am posting a couple pics below of what the space looks like.

The chairs are set up and are adjustable so that families and gindividuals can sit together and spread out so as to avoid potential virus spread. There will be communion set ups provided on both the left and right of the room. And the offering plate will be posted in the back of the meeting space. We’ll be utilizing powerpoint up front for the liturgy not in our bibles or hymnals.
We welcome you to worship with us this Sunday and every Lord’s Day Sunday.
Our student ministry is providing pails of welcome back goodies to students returning back from the world’s longest Spring break! We are glad you are back!!! Throughout this ordeal, we are comforted how our present sufferings pale in comparison to the glory of Christ. Pick them up at worship.