Falling Forward – 5/20/2020

In many extreme sports, the first lesson is how to fall. That was the apostle John’s first lesson in his letter 1 John. It is the Christian’s duty to seek the joy of the Lord and avoid sin (1 John 1:4; 2:1). We all sin (1:8). Thankfully, because of his or her place in Christ, when a Christian sins, he or she can “fall forward” into the love of the Father who sent Jesus to save us (1:3), to our advocate Jesus the righteous (2:1) through his blood we are cleansed of our sin, and to the Holy Spirit who teaches us (2:26-28). The non-believer sins and runs from God, but the believer sins and runs toward God and he or she is greeted by not mere love, but love times triple infinity-God in three persons! We spend all our lives preparing for our life with God in the new heaven and new earth and will fall often, but we can fall well when we sin so that we are not hindered from the joy of the Lord.