Justification and Passover- 7/25/2020

On Sunday the 19th of July, we continued our series on knowing nothing except Jesus Christ and him crucified. See the audio here and the video here.

We saw that only Christ crucified could God both love sinners and justly satisfy the legal dimension of our standing. No worldview or religion offers any hope of both love and justice. That is why we must know Jesus Christ and him crucified for our justification. Paul makes this doctrine the central thesis of both the epistles to the Romans and the Galatians.

This Sunday, the 26th of July, we will examine how the manner and timing of Jesus’ death during the Passover unlocks heartwarming truths about God and how the cross is the foundation of the holiness, joy, and unity found only in the Christian church. Jesus in John 10:17-18 says that no man takes his life but that he lays it down of his own accord. It is clear that John understood that Jesus perfectly timed his death to occur simultaneously with the slaying of the Passover victims in order to be the true Passover. The first time John met Jesus in John 1:29, he directed all with him to look at Jesus, saying, “Behold the Lamb of God!” Paul explicitly called Jesus our Passover lamb in 1 Corinthians 5:7. What was the Passover? What was its significance? How is Jesus the true Passover lamb? We’ll answer these questions and explore life and world-altering truth this Sunday morning.