We Are Reformed & We Love It!

We are Reformed!

As Justin confesses in this video clip, Reformed (a complicated, technical term unfamiliar Christian vocabulary word to many) can be simply understood as the full conviction that “God saves sinners.”

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In 2016, Rev Justin Westmoreland was called away from campus ministry at OU and began to officially plant a new, reformed presbyterian church in Norman, OK. In 2017 a church named Trinity Presbyterian Church of Norman began meeting. We became an official church in Sept 2021. This video clip is one of many where Justin and our members share our stories.

The dream for this church was that by God’s grace, it would be robustly founded upon and committed to the Bible. We believe in preaching the whole counsel of God: all 66 books known as the Old and New Testaments.

A need exists for more bible churches everywhere. We applaud and welcome more of those, Justin’s vision, however, was not just to plant another church that was biblical. Trinity was born to be a biblical church with a particular and historic understanding of what the Bible says.

Justin discovered reformed theology in college. He explored and did a considerable study of reformed theology. Convinced that reformed theology was the absolute best summary of what the Bible teaches, he went to Reformed Theological Seminary to learn more and be trained for ministry. While in graduate school, Justin interned at an Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church in Charlotte, NC.

In 2016, having completed his time serving as a campus minister in Reformed University Fellowship, Justin relished the opportunity to bring the first Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church to his adopted home: Norman, Oklahoma.

Oklahoma is a relatively young state: #46 of 50. Many 18th-century, Scottish Presbyterian settlers arrived on the east coast of the Americas but never made it past the Mississippi River.

Some may feel like we have a church on every corner in Oklahoma, yet very few reformed churches exist in our state. Presently, Trinity Pres is the first of what has now become three ARP churches in Oklahoma. We hope to see biblical, reformed theology take root in the hearts and minds of God’s people here in Oklahoma. We pray that sound doctrine passionately preached and lived will lead to a revival in our city and state.

Oklahoma had nearly 4 million people as of 2020. We are astonished that 1.6 million people live within a 50-mile radius of our church’s location! Last year, we were blessed to begin holding worship services in a space that is 0.0 miles from the largest and most influential university in Oklahoma (OU), which sends people worldwide to do important work. Trinity Pres meets right on the doorstep of OU in the shadow of the football stadium and the South oval. We desire to gather and perfect God’s saints here in Norman, OK and beyond.

May God bless Trinity Presbyterian Church. We are a distinctly reformed church. May God raise up many more reformed churches through our ministry in this strategic location.

You are invited to worship with us and begin to explore reformed theology every Sunday at 10:30 am at 428 W. Lindsey Street.

You can engage with our online sermon content here.

You can read more about our church’s distinctives like what we mean by reformed here.

If you’re looking for a church that believes something, a church energized by doctrine and compelled to love God and her neighbors, guess what? You’ve actually been looking for a reformed church all of these years. Today may be the day that God calls you to come to find a church home with us. We serve the sovereign living and true God.

The Bible teaches that our God created us to know Him. We sinned and fell away from Him, yet in eternity God graciously planned to rescue, redeem, reveal his glory to us. We cannot wait to share the knowledge of our God with you. We are reformed, and we love it!