Children’s Church Returns on August 16!

Our pastor, Rev. Justin Westmoreland, highly values catechism and instruction of the children of the church. From our very earliest bible studies as a church plant on the campus of OU, we have had a moment at almost every meeting where the pastor speaks directly to the children present on a topic/verse/question to engage with and teach the children. The children come forward at a stated time in sit in the front rows of the church together for this time. We have gone through the Lord’s prayer and the Apostle’s Creed and the children’s catechism in these times and usually will sing a bible song together and pray.

We discontinued this practice when we went exclusively online in March 2020 and as we started meeting in person again during this season of social distancing/masks/Covid-19 precautions. We are pleased to announce that we’ll be bringing children’s church back on Sunday, August 16. Bring a kid or two. We pray that the children will benefit and that it will function as a great time for our parents and grandparents and siblings to listen in and have a point of contact with which to discuss the gospel together with the children later on Sunday or throughout the week.