Covid-19 Worship Precautions

Covid-19 safety tips:

Numbers of positive tests have increased in Oklahoma.   

Covid-19 appears to be transferable by those who do not show symptoms by breathing in others’ directions.  therefore, you may want to bring a cloth mask, tshirt, or another barrier over nose and mouth to minimize breathing on others and potentially spreading a virus you may be unaware you have, 

We have the chairs spread out to accommodate social distancing guidelines. But if you feel like you may be in range to spread the virus through droplets then you are encouraged to consider singing with a cloth mask or other barrier to transmit the virus. 

You can wear a mask when entering the building, and then remove your mask when you sit down. 

If you’re congregating together and talking after the service, it might be wiser and safer to do so outside.

Communion will be pre-prepared with mask and gloves and bread and drink will be laid out together and covered during the service and you can then collect them at the appropriate time. 

Our pastor, Justin Westmoreland will be wearing a mask but not during his worship leading and preaching roles.

I am often reminded of our church father, Martin Luther’s application of loving one’s neighbor through a plague. He took all the wise precautions he was aware of and prayed and trusted God to protect him and his neighbor. 

Be safe and I’ll see you soon!