Prayer for Michael Horton

Michael Horton is a Christian author, speaker, professor, theologian. He has been a blessing to me and thousands of Christians all over the world. I became aware of him (22 years ago) when my RUF campus minister, Rev. David Rea, handed me a copy of the book, Putting Amazing back into Grace. I have been blessed to benefit from his White Horse Inn, Core Christianity, and Modern Reformation and to even have Mike be my professor for a seminary class at Reformed Theological Seminary. Mike’s enthusiasm for reformed biblical theology has been instrumental and inspiring in the crafting of Trinity Presbyterian Church’s reformed philosophy of ministry. Below is a note from Mike Horton to his Christian brothers and sisters.

On February 7 I was admitted to the hospital with difficulty breathing.  At first, they thought it was covid and pneumonia, but after three negative tests, they ran an angiogram and realized a heart valve had “blown apart,” as they put it.  Blood was backing up into my lungs, so they intubated me and performed open-heart surgery soon thereafter.  The whole team was fantastic, and they are surprised at how quickly I am recovering.  

I actually feel a lot better than I have for months in the sense of being able to think and breathe clearly.  It will take a while to recover completely, but I am grateful to the Lord not only for extending my life but for many things I have taken for granted.  Lisa and I appreciate so much the prayers of the saints through which our Triune God has so generously sustained me.  I look forward to being back in the saddle as soon as possible.

In Christ,

Mike Horton

Please join with me in rejoicing that God has spared Mike from a nearly fatal catastrophe. Also please join me in praying that God would enable Mike to be able to faithfully steward each new day that our Lord has granted him so that he can bless the church and the world for the glory and enjoyment of our God. And may God grant Mike’s prayers for a “modern reformation.” May many more reformed presbyterian churches be planted and souls saved and saints built up as fruit of Mike’s ministry. You can click on the links above to hear the story of the book that nurtured my love for reformed biblical theology 22 years and see other resources from Mike.

For from him and through him and to him are all things. To him be glory forever. Amen.

Romans 11:36


  1. Interesting as I was just thinking of writing Michael this morning to tell him how much his writings meant to me. I did not know about his health condition and thank you for writing about it.
    The first book I read of his was “Christ The Lord, The Reformation and Lordship Salvation” in which he had a few chapters along with chapters by various other reformed people. This book gave me the vocabulary to express the spiritual feelings, experiences, and conclusions I had come to but couldn’t express. So much fragmented poor theology about our sanctification during the 1970’ and 80’s and finding this book in 1992 was a God send. The articles articulated from historical and theological perspectives the spiritual influences occurring during the time both Jena and I had grown up in the Church. Michael Horton’s work has definitely changed my life for the better.
    Just a though, Years ago at a PCA church plant in Moore I met his brother who lived in Moore. I don’t know if he is still around but perhaps the connection would help draw Michael here for a weekend conference?

    • Ned- Thank you for sharing your story!
      How encouraging to hear that God used the faithfulness of this same man to impact both of us!
      I believe what Horton has done in getting wonderful reformed theology out to so many is very similar to what R.C. Sproul has done. I hear many people cite how pivotal both have been for them. We need to thank the Lord for how he has used them and pray for more workers because the harvest is great but the workers are few. It reminds me that we are all called to use our talents no matter if we are given 5, 2, or 1, to offer back to God more than that which he has blessed us (Matthew 25:14-30). All that we have is God’s property, therefore, let’s effectively invest it.
      I love your idea of bringing Michael Horton to Oklahoma. Let’s make it happen!

  2. Thanks for sharing and we will keep him in our prayers.
    Michael was invited to participate in a conference at a church in Toledo over 25 years ago where I once attended. He was one of the speakers in an elite group of well known men. Until about a year ago I really did not give him much thought but picked up a copy of Pilgrim Theology and when through it in deep study.
    He knows good theology and how to explain different positions from various points of reference. May the Lord protect him and keep him safe so he might continue his ministries.

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